What do we do?

Anbud Direkt was founded by two entrepreneurs with a genuine passion for helping companies grow with public procurement contracts. Our team has since expanded to 7 members, and we now submit several hundred tenders annually on behalf of our clients all over Sweden. Currently, we focus exclusively on procurements within Sweden and the Swedish market.

At Anbud Direkt, our primary objective is to help our clients secure public procurement contracts. The level of assistance we provide depends on the unique challenges your company faces. Whether you require guidance on a few specific issues or need a comprehensive solution to craft all of your procurement bids, we are here to help.

Moreover, we offer a range of customized services, including consultations on public procurement law and the option to outsource the bidding process entirely.

Our mission is to streamline our clients’ proposals so they can concentrate on showcasing their exceptional products and services. By handling ”all the boring stuff” for them, we strive to make the tender process less bureaucratic and more attainable for all companies.

We take pride in our outstanding customer satisfaction rating of 9.1 out of 10 according to NKI, along with a 35 % success rate for submitted tenders.

Public procurement

Anbud Direkt helps companies in achieving success with their bids in public procurement. Often, companies reach out to us after attempting to submit bids independently but without success. This could be due to insufficient knowledge or experience, or perhaps they’ve secured a procurement contract but have not generated any business from it. 

Annually, Sweden’s public authorities, municipalities, and county councils engage in trade exceeding SEK 600 billion, with approximately 18,000 procurements published each year.

We primarily support our clients in two key areas:

  1. Enhance and ensure the quality of submitted bids
  2. Boost the number of submitted bids

Bid Writing

Anbud Direkt helps companies excel in crafting bids for public procurement. It’s common for companies to seek our assistance after trying to write bids independently, but not quite achieving the desired results. This may stem from a lack of expertise or, in some cases, winning a framework agreement without generating any subsequent business.

Naturally, we also cater to clients who have never attempted to submit a bid in a public procurement process.

We help our clients:

  1. Write better bids
  2. Write more bids